Simple moving average with bacon.js

by Guido García on 15/01/2015

Bacon is a small functional reactive programming lib for JavaScript. Sometimes it is easier to handle data as a stream and react to changes in the stream instead of processing individual events. In the example below (nodejs), a simple moving average.

var Bacon = require('baconjs')

function avg(array) {
  var sum = array.reduce(function(a, b) { return a + b; }, 0);
  return sum / array.length;

var bus = new Bacon.Bus();
bus.push(1); // output = 1
bus.push(2); // output = 1.5
bus.push(3); // output = 2

You can see another example (github) where an event stream is created and populated with your mouse positions. The “y” position is represented along with the moving average.

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